A Place Where I left a part of me

When your a natural traveler, it is true that people come and go and places you visited becomes a memory, but there is always one place that you set your heart out and left a piece of you  -a place that you’ll never ever forget. A place that is more than just a memory, which has touched your soul and knew that without your present home, it is your home.
Mine is Singapore, a magical place, where beauty, industrialization and finest are mixed together to form a wonderful country, from the first seconds I set my foot on the country, I was mesmerized by it’s beauty. The effort they had put in to their airport makes you think how the whole country will look like. The airport itself is an attraction, cozy yet classy.
They say that Singapore is an expensive country, but it is not true to all, the country is so flexible that it has variety of options, from luxurious hotels to budget friendly accommodations and spots. The generosity that the country has for those who travel has left me in awe, for truly I enjoyed every second of it without spending so much.

I started my trip with a visit in the famous Marina Bay sands and do my mandatory merlion-selfie experience since they are both located in the Downtown core. 

For those who are curious, Marina Bay Sands is an integrated Resort  fronting Marina Bay, with a unique interior, although, it disappoints me to not be able to afford it, I am still grateful with the free picture taking experience with it’s facade and I tell you, the pictures I took does not even justify the beauty that the structure has.
On the other hand, The Merlion  is a well-known marketing icon of Singapore depicted as a mythical creature of lion’s face with a fish tail. It is a must to take picture of it, it is your proof that you really set your foot in the country.

Next stop is my ever favorite- the greatest playground on earth- Sentosa. To enjoy the view, I decided to ride a $45 package cable ride, awesome- is an understatement. The beauty Underneath me made me grasp, the miniature-like pool and structures I saw are super cool, and my excitement grew more thinking that I will got to enjoy all those stuffs when I go down. 

Upon landing, the atmosphere is definitely fun, from the staffs who greets me with outmost joy to it’s fun background  music really took me back in my childhood years. I rode a free tour bus to have a glimpse of the whole island, I never been in an amusement park before, and if I have been living my past at that very moment I would have love my childhood self to enjoy every rides and explore every cute structures that Sentosa has to offer.

But the greatest perks of all is having to enjoy all of it for free, yes it is free. Did I mention before how generous the country is for a traveler like me?

Singapore for me is like a movie with different scenes, each places I go sets different mood and draw different emotions from me, I was a tourist in Marina Bay, became a child in Sentosa, and before I knew it I was an adult in search for my soul in the gardens of eve. It is a huge garden, it will take you half a day to explore it. It is where everything is green. It is not as terrific nor amusing than the previous places I’ve been, because really, there is nothing there- just birds chirping, leaves gushing and wind blowing. but it’s peacefulness and serenity is something I cannot take for granted. It was an important place for me, I got to reflect on my own and explore the possibilities of what lies ahead of me. It was a place where I looked back of my past and  imagine the future. I felt that I was indeed home no matter how many miles I am away from home. 
Before I end, One thing that I really love in Singapore is the vast variety of food. Since it is an open city, the malls & restaurants offers different dishes,you can enjoy your meal for hundreds of dollars from a luxurious restaurant or enjoy a delicious $3-$5 meal in any hawker stations. For most part, I enjoyed the juiciness of duck noodles (Singaporean style) and ayam  panyet -an Indonesian chicken cuisine. 
Missing home does not bother me so much because there are Filipino dishes and stuffs everywhere and there are a lot of filipino people , I just need to go to the famous Lucky plaza and I will not even notice that I am in a foreign land.
I loved the place, I initially planned a week trip but my destiny had it and a week become weeks and eventually become months, and on my 6th month, I knew I had to go home 
Like a day when the sun sets, no matter how I hoped that happy things won’t end, still it has to end. As I looked back before my plane sets off, I knew in my heart that Singapore will be more that just a memory and someday soon I will be back and will be reunited with the place where I left a part of me.

How to tour Camiguin under 3k ($66)

Camiguin is a magical place, the more you explore it, the more you will fall in love with the place. But the best reason why you have to pack up your bag and hit the road towards Camiguin is their no smoking and plastic free policy, no wonder that the place is clean and to add up to all its perks, it is definitely a safe place to travel.

Check out the tourist spots we visited:

Here’s our itineray for our 2 days stay at Camiguin.

Day 1:

11:00am -11:30am- Mactan to Camiguin (via philippine airlines)

11:30am- 12:30pm- lunch at La Dolce Vita, just accross airport (560/2pax=php 280)

12:30pm-12:40pm- airport to GV hotel (php 8), do not ride tricycle inside the airport because it cost php 150, just go outside and ride a public vehicle

12:40am- early check in at GV Hotel, we booked at traveloke for only php 592/2pax = php 296


2:00pm-3:30pm- market tour & grocery shopping for water and snacks (php 150/2px= php 75)

3:30pm- start of tour (pho 1300/2pax- – All in, including our Day 2 tour, you may contact our driver @ 09358646017, if you want to avail the same package)

3:00pm-6:30pm (day tour with entrance fees)

Old gumigob church ruins- php 20

Soda water spring – php 50

Falls- php 50

Dinner – we just dined at the hotel, since we take out some of our foor at la vdolce vita

Day 2

Early check in @Pabualan Cottages php 792/ 2pax =391 via traveloka

Start tour @ 7:00am-5:00pm

a. White island

Bfast – php 200/2pax= php 100

entrance fee – php 50

Boat-php 450, but since the boat is good for 6 persons, we joined with other tourist (php 460/6pax= php77)

Lifejacket/googles rentals= php 150

b. Katibawasan falls- php 50

c. Lover’s bridge- php 20

d. Giant clams- php 25

Lunch @ giant clam suunctuary- php600/2pax- php 300

e. Sto. Nino cold spring- php 50

f. Ardent Hot spring- php 50

Dinner- 250/2pax- php 125

Total: 2817

Moalboal- Osmeña Peak backpacking trip under php 1500 ($33)

Moalboal is a small town in, the South-West side of Cebu island, a three- hour bus drive from city and considered as a gateway to some of the best diving spots in the area. Meanwhile, Osmeña Peak is the highest mountain in Cebu which is a cluster of green jagged hills like a deformed twin of chocolate Hills of Bohol hugging the shorelines of Badian.

Both of the tourist spot is so alluring, and I knew that I wouldn’t want to miss any of it, so, despite the tight schedule, we really ensured to cover both and experience swimming and sunbathing in one of the finest and whitest beach in moalboal, the Bisdaku white beach, and of course, enjoy the scenic view of Osmeña Peak.

Here are the pictures which would definitely speak for themselves:

  1. Bisdaku White Beach

How to get there: from South bus terminal ride a Ceres Bus going to Moalboal (3hrs), once in the town proper, ride a tricycle going to Bisdaku white beach(10-15mins).


2. Osmeña Peak

How to get there: from Moalboal, ride a bus going to Carcar (php 2hrs), ask the driver to drop you off at  Carcar Junction then, walk (3-5mins) to the bus stop going to Dalaguete. Carcar to Dalaguete usually takes 45mins to 1 hour.

Ask the driver to drop you off at 7/11, and ride a potpot/pedicab/padyak going to Pink house (literally, just say the magic word “Pink house” and they will know where to take you).  At 7/11, there are also a lot of Habal-habal drivers waiting to make a deal for your trip to Osmeña Peak the next day, so you may take their number and settle for the pick-up time, the earlier the better (4:30am-5:00am).

Checking-in at pink house even without a prior reservation is so fast and smooth, so no need to worry about it.


If you want to do the moalboal–Osmeña Peak backpacking trip under php 1,500,  feel free  to follow my itinerary:

Day 1

6:00am-7:00am – breakfast (php 100)
7:00am-7:10am- travel to south bus terminal (php 9)
9:00am-12:00am- cebu to moalboal via ceres bus (php140)
12:00nn1:00pm– lunch(100)
1:00pm-1:15pm-moalboal to white beach (php 50/pax)
entrance fee- php 15)
Rent table and umbrella- 300/3 =php 100/pax
5:30pm-6:00pm- white beach to moalboal (php 50/pax)
6:00pm-7:30pm- moalboal to Carcar (php 60)
7:30pm-8:30pm- Carcar to Dalagete (php 40)
Check in at Pink house- php 500/3= php 167/pax
Dinner-php 100

Day 2

Bfast- php 100
5:00am-6:00am- Dalagute to Osmena Peakv. v- php 200/pax
Entrance fee- php 60
Tour guide- php 200/3 = php67/pax
6:00am – 8:00am- enjoy theview @ Osmena Peak
8:00am-9:00am- Osmena to Dalaguete
8:30am -9:30am – prepare
10:00am-1:00pm- Dalaguete to cebu (php 140)

Total : php 1498 ($33)

Enjoy! to have a full experience of our trip you might want to check my youtube channel @Moalboal-Osmeña Peak under php1500

Biliran: Chasing waterfalls, the cheapest way

Biliran is an island province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. It is one of the country’s smallest and newest province and the home of several gushing waterfalls hidden in dense tropical rainforests.

I had a chance to travel solo in this beautiful place, and here’s the catch, it only costs me  php 2,390 ($52) to chase three (3) amazing waterfalls, and if you have a travel buddy with you, this trip can be enjoyed for only  php 1490 ($32).

all three waterfalls (Ulan-Ulan, Recoletos and Tinago falls) has it’s own characteristics, so you should not miss any of those, my favorite is the Ulan-Ulan falls which took me roughly 30 minutes moderate hike to get to it.

I am not really good at writing and describing places in words, so, I will just upload pictures for you to enjoy. Here it is:

  1. ULAN-ULAN Falls



3. TINAGO Falls


4. Side trip: Mainit Hotspring

If you want the Cheapest way to chase waterfalls ,  feel free to follow my itinerary:

Day 1

Tacloban to Naval- php 120
Check in at GV Hotel- php 600
Tour Naval market
Dinner- php 100 (there are BBQ stall near the port)

*you may skip the night out….

Day 2
Breakfast at Jollibee- Php 130
Lunch take out- php 100
Ulan-Ulan falls entrance- Php 20
Habal-Habal whole day tour- Php 1200
Naval to Tacloban- php 120

total for solo traveler- php 2,390 ($52)
total for pair traveler- php 1,490 ($32)

you may visit my youtube channel @ Chasing waterfalls in Biliran, Leyte!!! for the full experience..

Biri and Capul Island: explore the hidden gem of Northern samar for only Php 3090 or $62 for 3 days and 2 nights.

As promised, I will be talking about the ”must-see” tourist spots in Region 8 ( for my first few entry of this blog), for my 2nd blog I will be introducing two of the hidden gem of Northern Samar- Biri and Capul islands.

Northern Samar is a province  in the Philippines that is  located in the Eastern Visayas Region. It’s capital is Catarman and is located at the northern portion of the island of  Samar.

Honestly, at first, I was hesitant to do this trip because of it’s distance from Tacloban City (approximately 246 km) but gladly I did, because my memories with both islands are truly unforgettable. So here it goes..

Why BIRI and Capul Island?

“Unbelievable”-  that is the first thought that comes to my mind upon seeing the rock formations in Biri. Witnessing the deep blue sea of pacific ocean as it collide with the splendid rock formations carved thru time due to ferocious waves of the San Bernardino Strait seemed surreal and out of this world experience.
Aside from it’s “painting-like” view the people are very warm and accommodating especially the tour guides  who can also be your private photographer. (heheheh! They are just best!)

Meanwhile, Capul Island, has a combination of calm and exquisite atmosphere,  It is a perfect destination if you want to unwind and take a break from the fast-paced world.

How to get there?

There are several ways how to get to Biri, you can do the Tacloban-Allen-Lavezares route or  have a direct flight from Manila to Catarman Airport – Lavesarez  (I suggest that you do the latter because it is easier and not time-consuming).

If your from Tacloban City, you may opt to ride either of the following: D’turbanada, Duptours and Grand tours going to Allen with a fare of Php 350 pesos. Estimated travel time is 4-5 hrs. so it is best to travel early in the morning to get most out of your Northern Samar experience.

Upon arriving to Allen, ride a tricyce going to Lavezares for only Php 20 (if regular rate not pakyaw). Ask the driver to bring you to the port going to BIRI.

Exploring the island

Day 1

Upon arriving to the port, you have to wait for other passengers for you to get the standard fare of php50. If you can’t wait and wanted to leave you may charter the whole boat according to it’s seating capacity.  Travel time is only 30-45 mins.

Once in there,  habal-habal are easily available. The driver will take you to the tourism office so that you could register and pay for necessary fees (environmental fee -php 50, tour guide -php 300 & habal-habal- Php 195) .

After registering, you may take your lunch in the eatery (carenderia) located beside the tourism office. Once you’re ready you can now start your tour.

The tour guide will tour you to the different rock formations in the area. The 4 famous rock formation in Biri island are: Macadlaw, Puhunan, Bel-at and Carana. All of them are equally beautiful. Each rock formation has it’s unique characteristic which is incomparable from other rock formations . So, don’t miss out any of it! No word could really describe the beauty of this place so I am leaving you with plenty of pictures below for you to enjoy:

            17817742_104704570083591_1940388180482064384_n17883616_1750267241655320_8021078733740569829_n17883931_1750267474988630_3184270323401549187_n17883589_1750269644988413_1322933691321187948_n17862793_1750267928321918_8730107126011230362_n17862598_1750270141655030_4116025541975785192_n17884217_1750267801655264_2233976127191497668_n6111013After the half-day tour, we went back to Lavazares to stay with my friend’s house. but for your part, you may opt to stay at Magallanes Suite and Spa (fan room) for only Php 500/pax.

Day 2

We woke up early so that we could travel from lavesarez to Allen port where boat going to Capul Island depart. There is only 1 scheduled trip heading to Capul everyday. The boat usually leave the port at 11am or 12nn. While boat leaving Capul back to Allen is only available at 7 am. So, make sure to make it on time or you’ll have to wait the next day or hire a private boat for a higher price.

Since we arrive at Allen port earlier than expected, we eat our early lunch at a restaurant located near the port.

Boat from Allen to Capul cost Php 100. Just like in Biri, there are already habal-habal drivers waiting at the port upon your arrival. You can haggle for island tour price, for our part, we had a deal of php 500/2 pax for all the destinations we wanted to visit which are as follows:

  1. St. Ignatius de Loyola Church 17952635_1755110511170993_1432260891814778019_n17663197_218688485281582_8900661963898486784_n17904237_1755112024504175_2821156608288482400_n
  2. Parola or Capul island light house

17903361_1755102851171759_7962257104208897391_n17951677_1755106417838069_1154778468859814086_n17663038_290320144738178_4038312754904301568_n17861715_1755107374504640_6909169597458518570_n17903335_1755103327838378_4296625259365958470_n3. Acapulco Island Beach

17861925_1755107107838000_930730142369240343_n4. Japanese WWII remains


After our long day, we settled to stay at Capul Island resort, which is definitely the best resort in the island. It is very affordable and the caretakers are really nice and accommodating.


Where to eat

There are no fancy restaurants in both Biri and Capul, but there are eateries (carederias) within the island. You can also ask the care take of Capul to cook for you. You can request food you wanted (as long as the ingredients are available).

 Cost breakdown for 2 pax:

Tacloban-Allen (duptours, Grand tours, D’turbanada) Php 350/pax ($7)
Allen-Lavesares (tricycle) Php 20/pax ($0.4)
Lavesarez-BIRI (boat) Php 50/pax ($1)
Biri Tour Environmental Fee – 50/pax ($1)

Tour guide – 300/3pax ($6)

Habal-habal ride – 195/2pax ($4)

Overnight stay (Magallanes Suite and Spa (fan room) Php 500/ 2 pax  ($10)
Hotel-Biri Port Php 10 /pax($0.02)
Biri-Lavesarez Php 50/pax ($1)
Lavesarez-Allen Php 20 ($0.4)
Allen-Capul 100/pax ($2)
Capul tour Php 500/2pax($10)
Capul Island Resort Php 600/4pax ($12)
Hotel-Capul port Php 20/pax ($0.4)
Capul-Allen Php 100/pax ($2)
Allen port -Daptours Php20/pax ($0.4)
Allen-Taloban Php 350/pax ($7)
meals Daye 1- bfast/lunch/dinner- php 300

Day 2-bfast/lunch/dinner- php 300

Day 3-bfast/lunch/dinner- php 300

total 3,090  or $62

“No amount of wealth could compare your experiences as you discover the hidden gems that lies beneath your feet.”


Don’t forget to bring the following: insect repellant, sun block, handy bottled water, hat, swim wear, malong or scarf, sun glasses, action camera, and selfie stick

still to buy? No worries you can shop online at discounted price! Check the link below:

Shop now to get big discounts on your travel gears!!!


Limasawa island: Travelling through history for only Php1,448 or $29 per person

Can’t believe it! after months of thorough personal deliberation and second thoughts, finally!!! I am writing my own blog. I am a newbie, so please bear with me, hahahaha! But for sure, my passion for travelling at lesser cost is unquestionable. Well, anyway. For a my first few blogs, I will be introducing travel itineraries in famous tourist spots here in region 8. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to comment below.

For my very first blog, I will talk about how you can travel in the famous historical place, LIMASAWA island for only php 1448 ($28) per person. YEP. You read it correctly. Just php 1448($28) for 3 days and 2 nights!!!


so here it goes…

Why go to Limasawa?

Well, Visiting the First Cross and the First Mass Shrine located in this island will give

you a rare experience of retracing the historic footsteps of the Portuguese explorer

Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 who paved the way for the beginning of Christianity in the country, on top of that, the island lagoon and white sand beaches are also to die for. Definitely worth every penny you spent and will give you a perfect snorkeling experience.


How to get there?

  • From Tacloban City ride a van going to Maasin (Vanvans, Duptours or in New Bus Terminal), fare is Php220. The estimated Travel time is 3-4 hours.
  • If your traveling from Cebu there are daily trips of fast craft directly to Maasin.
  • Once your in Maasin,  ride a jeepney or multicab to Padre Burgos for only 30 pesos . estimated travel time is 45 mins.
  • From Padre burgos, ride a boat to Limasawa Island for only 50pesos (daily trips are as follows: 8am, 12nn, 1pm,3pm).
  • Once you’re there, you can haggle with a habal-habal to bring you to your hotel for only php10 and you can hire them in advance to tour you around the island for only php 350 good for 2 pax.
  • For your accommodation,  I will recommend Dakdak Beach Resort, it is by far one of the cheapest resort in Limasawa, they have cottages near the beach for only 700 pesos per night (common CR),  you can also opt for air conditioned room which cost Php 1500. (all rooms and cottages can occupy 2-4 pax or even more)

Getting around the island

  • Day 1- It is better to spend your day 1 at your resort, you can enjoy sun bathing, snorkeling, swimming or even just rest and enjoy the beach.121_2198523561979829602
  • Day 2 – with your hired habal-habal,  the driver will tour you around the island such as the famous national shrine where in a tour guide will give you a brief discussion on the history of the island (donation and tips are optional). Before heading to magellan’s cross, you may visit first the house of Raja Bankaw which is located near the national shrine.
  • In order to reach the very first cross in the Philippines you have to climb more than hundred steps to cross atop of the hill. I hoped you prepared yourself physically!!ha! because definitely it will leave you grasping for air, but good thing there are cement benches at rest areas where you can rest and enjoy the view.

*note Try to schedule your trip in a way that you can attend a mass in National shrine to complete the historic vibes. (every Sunday at 11:00am)




  • After your historic experience, ask the driver to take you to the light tower, and take a mandatory selfie overlooking the island lagoon. You can even climb through the top of the light house for more picturesque view.
  • 119_170908051159092665118581025_1842729082648183_659645322410065920_n
  • And to end your long day, you can have a cold dip at the island lagoon for only php10. And if you feel like enjoying the view under the cold clean lagoon you can also snorkel (just also rent a snorkeling gear for only php50.)34

Where to eat?

  • There is no fancy restaurant available in the area. but there are eateries (carenderias) within the island. You can also ask the caretakers in Dakdak to cook for you. Just let them know your request and they will prepare it for you for a minimal cost. Isn’t it amazing?

Cost breakdown for 2 pax

Places to visit Cost
Tacloban-Maasin Php 220/pax ($4)
Maasin-Padre Burgos Php 30/pax ($0.58)
Padreburgos-Limasawa Php 50/pax ($1)
Limasawa port- Resort Php 10/pax ($0.2)
Chill at Dakdak resort Php 25/pax entrance fee ($0.5)
Tour aound Limasawa via habal-habal

·         Magellan’s cross

·         National shrine

·         House of Raha Bankaw

·         Limasawa Light Tower

·         Island Lagoon

Php 350/2pax  ($7) + php 10 entrance at island Lagoon ($0.2)
Limasawa-Padre Burgos Php50/pax
Padre Burgos- Maasin Php 30/pax
Maasin-Tacloban Php 220/pax
Other expenses

Day 1-bfast/ lunch/dinner

Day2- bfast/lunch Dinner

Day 3-bfast/lunch


Php 800/pax

Dakdak beach resort (cottage, non-aircon, common CR)

Php 700/2-4pax x 2 nights= Php 1400 ($28)
TOTAL Php 1,448 ($29)/person

Limasawa island is definitely a great catch! What is $28 for a lifetime experience? This only proves that you don’t have to be rich to travel, you only need a good amount of courage to explore the beauty of the world

don’t forget to bring: action camera, selfie stick,  sun glasses, cellphone, hat and other travelling equipment. you may check the link below for discounts!!!